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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 30, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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romney's widening in the leads. >> getting just wailed on by speaker gingrich and really didn't respond very well back in south carolina so we decided we are going to respond, both the change in tactic and the message have had an impact here in the florida. >> the former speakergoing all convention. >> he can bury me for a short amount of time with four or five or six times as much money raised from those that got bail outs from the government. in the long run, the republican party will not nominate the founder of romney care. >> what about the large stretch of independence along the i-4 corridor. it will play a crucial role in november. welcome to our show. in the daily fix today, mitt romney is not letting up despite
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what is a double digit lead over newt gingrich in florida. he is not letting up now. chris, he is really going all out, this is clearly the new strategy. what are you seeing, let's talk about the polls. the double digit lead in the polls. do we think it real, conventional wisdom has been wrong so many times. >> i hesitate to make any predictions, it's been up and down. but, look, when you have this many polls showing something very similar, which is mitt romney's lead over the weekend was kind of in that high single digit digit. since then suggests it getting bigger and bigger and bigger. it looks like late deciders are starting to move in romney's direction and i think that maybe the only question we are faced with now is can newt keep it somewhat close, the problem with his argument, andrea, you played
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it the clip, this is a closed primary. so it's hard to argue totally if he wins by 20 points that he still doesn't have is a foot hold within the republican party as newt appears to try to do. >> one of the interesting things is that if rick santorum were not in the race, in fact romney would pick up the majority of those, so he cannot say that, or he cannot even look to the possiblity of santorum falling by the wayside. you see the numbers there. >> yeah rgs -- >> romney may not pick up the santorum support. >> it's evidence again that the overly simple conclusion, well, mitt romney is the moderate in the field and newt gingrich and santorum are the other guys, so if they get out the votes will go to romney.
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voters do not think that way. santorum has a loyal following. they like his values on social issues and that sort of thing. and i'm not sure they all just go over to newt gingrich and i would say the other way around, if newt gingrich went out, i don't think all his voters go to santorum. >> chris, see you later, thanks so much. newt gingrich's campaign with ron ronald reagan's son on a radio show. and he claims that nancy reag reagan -- she said just as berry gave the torch to ronny, berry has passed on the torch to newt. >> i am being told that he is taking nancy reagan's comments out of context.
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this was the original tape, what he was referring to just then and this is nancy reagan back in 1995, she was talking about newt and the entire republican congress. watch this. >> the dramatic movement of 1995 is an out growth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century. berry goldwater handed the torch to ronny and in turn ronny turned that torch to newt and to are republican members of congress to keep that dream alive. >> al, this in fact, this speech that she gave i'm told was written for her. and it was speaking about the congress not just newt gingrich. and you have done a lot of reporting, you talked to the best of the reagan biographers and the fact is this is not the relationship that existed between ronald reagan and newt gingrich. >> andrea, the former speaker
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makes two claims, first of all that he was a key figure in the reagan revolution of the 1980s, on that claim, as you say, that was covered, he said that gingrich had nothing to do. he is not even sure that reagan knew who he was. one can look at the policies, and decide one way or the other but when it comes to approach, view of politics they could not be more different. reagan was sunny and would charm people and gingrich's appeal is that he can attack democrats better than anybody. they are quite different people certainly at a minimum, the speakers claims or his latter days are exaggerated. >> right now, in florida, trying
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to appeal to evangelicals, newt gingrich is taking a very hard line on stem cell research, it's not the line he took back in the 2001, when he acknowledged that some kind of cells that hcould used. and this of course is nancy reagan's signature issue, to go out and challenge some of her husband's fellow conservatives, social conservatives on this issue. this is gingrich on saturday in winter park at the baptist church speaking about stem cell research. >> i would eliminate all funding for any stem cell research which came from the killing of life. this was never an argument about science. this was the use of science to justify desensetizing the
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society to killing babies. >> i think that is a more modern day example of where the current newt gingrich and nancy reagan differ pro foundly on an issue. and jack kemp was the member of congress that inspired the happy optimism and that whole aspect of the reagan legacy. >> yeah, he was and he had a huge influence on reagan on supply side economics too. going back to that clip you just played. it is not in line with what newt gingrich said earlier in the campaign about the need for brain research and what it would need for the economy approximate we could cure alzheimer's. most doctors think that stem cell research is a way that we
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have a shot to find a cure for things like alzheimer. >> thank you for your column and reporting on all of this. we are joined by ben weber, he was a member of congress during the reagan years and a adviser to the romney campaign. you come to this with a respect, you are a long-time friend and in the romney camp. we want to put that on the table. >> it's a lot to put on the table. >> it is, looking back overall those years it's clear from all the people i talk to to reagan camp that newt gingrich was not part of the team. >> newt doesn't have anything to apologize for except now for exaggerating so much his role. most of what with we call the reagan revolution was enacted in his first two years in office. i was in my first term in congress at that time and newt was in his second term in congress. we were both good supporters of the reagan revolution, but the difference between newt and i, i
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understood that we were both foot soldiers and newt thought he was a general. we were not generals we were foot soldiers and in a minority party and neither of us were in leadership. to claim credit for creating the reagan revolution is an exaggeration in extreme. >> turning to this campaign and what we see with mitt romney. mitt romney is out spending newt gingrich 4-1, he is carpet bombing the negative comments back and forth. is this the kind of campaign that you want to see? >> we went through a campaign with john mccain in which we were out gunned, if you will, in terms of the size of the campaign that the president waged versus what senator mccain waged. mitt romney is putting together a world class campaign and the fact that he can go in and do a lot of advertising in florida,
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should say to some republicans, this is a guy that can compete with obama just in terms of the magnitude of the campaign. and newt knew this, that romney was capable of putting together a good organization. when he had the resources, newt gingrich was just as fiercely negative against romney as anything that romney has said about him. >> now, this is newt gingrich on sunday saying that he is going to take it all the way to the convention. let's watch. >> we will go all the way to the conventio convention. this is going to be a straight out contest for the next four or five months. when you take all of the nonromney votes, it's unlikely that there will be a nonromney majority and my job is to convert that to a pro gingrich majority. >> my recollection is that the last time there was a bubbling up of a fight on the convention floor was 1976 and it ended up
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leading to the defeat in 1976 of the republican president, gerald ford. >> yes, a protracted fight doesn't have to destroy you. the between obama and clinton ended up strengthening obama on balance. but a long fight, particularly one a as personal as this is not in our interest. we will see what happens in florida tomorrow, but if governor romney racks up nice percentages you have to start asking the question whether or not anyone has legitimatesy to care this on. >> what happen would be your message to newt gingrich? briefly, let say he loses florida by double digits and has a long stretch until super tuesday where he has a reason to stay in, because you have six southern primaries then. >> you know, he has every right
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to go ahead and make his case to the voters as he is going to and he should. at some point you have to look, is my message being endorsed by a majority of republican voters. not just a theoretical majority if he combines his with ron paul and etcetera. is he getting a majority of the republicans to vote for him, if not, you have to say your obligation to the party is to help put this together as early as possible so you have the best chance possible of beating president obama >> thank you and how rough will the road be in florida for president obama. if you have a question for me, join me for a live web chat online at andrea.msnbc.come or tweet me. a little bird told me about a band... ♪
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well the republicans candidates are battling for florida, today the republican national committee released a video showing watch the supporters reminding them that debra wasserman schultz backed hillary clinton four years ago, she is chair of the democratic party and joins us now. i don't know how you feel about your old video being taken by the republican party. we have some of that right here at nbc, so we are not really happy about the way people recycle old tape. but being reminded that you were not a original obama supporter you were in hillary's camp? >> well, secretary of state hillary clinton who has been serving with the president and
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for our country capably has done an amazing job, ni proudlily supported for her and turned right around and supported the president and have been ever since, because he has a remarkable record since he became president of fighting to get our economy turned around, creating jobs, and focusing on the issues that matter to florida residents. when it comes to issues like medicare, where mitt romney and the republicans want to remove that safety net from our seniors allow social security to be invested in the stock market would leave seniors in a difficult place. >> you have an up hill battle, in some ways, because unemployment has been stuck near 10%, it's now 9.9%.
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45% of them have lost value. you have real hard economic numbers here. going against the personal property's claims of achievements. >> the person who is going to have a problem, if mitt romney ends up being the republican nomin nominee, it's him that will have a problem in florida. he put out an economic plan that doesn't mention housing at all. when he was was asked about what to do to help home owners stay in their homes he said nothing. he would let the market hit rock bottom and let investors come in and scoop up the homes and sell them for a profit. his vision and proposals to make sure that we can investigate the banks that got us into the banks and give home owners assistance to remain in the homes, the president's plan, we need to make sure that the home owners have a chance to stay in their homes. >> i want to ask you quickly
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about your counter part in the represent be can party. this comparison was made to president obama on "face the nation." >> in a few months this will be ancient history and we will be talking about our own captain schettino. he is more interesting in campaigning than doing his job as president. >> his briefing today, jay carney has reacted to that. let me play that for you. >> let me just say that if you are so desperate for attention that you make a comparison that michael steele deems in appropriate, you know you have probably gone too far. >> give you a chance to affidavit your response to the comparison to the president with the captain of the ship. >> i think the rnc chairman owes the families of the victims an apology, i mean, to make light of a tragedy and to compare the
1:20 pm
president with someone who was charged with manslaughter is disrespectful and it's disrespectful to the families. i could not agree with jay carney more. the chairman owes those families an apology. >> that is a perfect transition to the question, has bipartisan ship become extinct in washington. that is next. i found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot ten. still doing a little exploring... on it. my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. (falsetto chorus) getting a weave. who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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country, more interested in the next election than the neck -- next generation, then we have to call them out on it. >> you and i were at a number of events where there were a number of democrats and republicans talking about pauolicy and a lo of it was like a prior era where people got together and work ed together. >> washington has been polarized a long i'm. but what has changed in the last few months is that lots of people that used to believe in the idea of get the politician ans in a room and send the cameras out, and stay until you cut the deal. a lot of people have given up on that idea and what they say is we need an election, a public
1:25 pm
fight, one side will win and one won't, and let the winners governor on. that divided government being productive is a myth. >> wasn't that the original idea of biden getting together and sitting and talking and working with problems with others and the agreements that supposedly john boehner and the president were negotiating as well? >> that was exactly the premise behind the conversations and the deal that barack obama at one time thought he could cut. that is what has collapsed over the last several months is the belief that it's even possible. and there's people that say look, if the two parties are so far apart on fundamental principals, tax bcuts, maybe there's no difference to be split. and in fact, what you need is for those voters to resolve this. i don't know if your own conversations, you have picked up the shift in pefeeling, but
1:26 pm
picked up on the fact that people have given up on the idea of the bipartisan grant bargaining. >> there was a three legged stool, you had senate, senate republicans and democrats in the senate as well as house democrats, willing finally to go along did despite resistance but the whole problem was the tea party, 87 freshman republican cans and cantor looking for the speaker's job, and pushing john boehner and maybe that is too easy a answer. >> that is what an expert says, she said that we tend to dismiss this as party politics but when you clear away the noise, you are left with fundamental differences over core beliefs and that is why the grand
1:27 pm
bargain doesn't get done. >> thank you. he is one of the history makers in the making, jacksonville mayor alvin brown. and "rock center" kate snow t e takes us town the i-4 corridor. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing. topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," a new weapon in the fight against skin cancer, a big development, today the fda approved a pill for the most common type of the skin cancer, it can be used on adult patients who are not candidates for surgery or radiation. the american relief worker that was rescued last week is on a flight back to the u.s. 32-year-old jessica buchanan, spent several days at the military base after being rescued. d.c. park police plan to enforce a no-camping rule for
1:31 pm
occupy protesters at the two major sites where people have been sleeping for months t protepr -- the protesters are vowing to continue to be at the sites. a violent protest saturday resulted in 400 raarrest s. how does a democrat win in the highly conservative part of florida and joining me now is jacksonville mayor, alvin brown, the first democratic mayor in 20 years and the first african american to hold that position. he has been named to the list of top history makers. we welcome you, thank you for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> we were talking about the republican primary, what about the state of play if your city and looking power ining forward
1:32 pm
general election. >> jacksonville is the largest city population wise in florida and we care about jobs and putting people back to work, education. people want to really focus on the issues and that is what i've been doing. what i came into office, i had a $58 million deficit and i had to balance the budget and i had to do it without tapping into the reserves. and i took a pay cut and i'm not taking a pension. so i am making sure the city is focusing on jobs. i think the key is making sure that we focus on the issues. i appointed the first commissioner of education in our city and focused on military affairs because we have a lot of military personnel. so i elevated that to a cabinet position in my administration. focusing to issues that unite us
1:33 pm
together, i have brought people together to take jacksonville to the next level. >> what about the unemployment rate and high foreclosure rate in florida. have you been able to make a dent in those issues? >> sure, like most cities we have our challenges, our unemployment rate now is at 9.2%. it was at 10.5% and we are focusing on home ownership, really trying keep people in their homes the key is making government more effective and efficient and letting the private sector be the engine. how to we provide access to cap online and credit for small businesses, because they are hurting. and so, i think you have to get america back to work and in florida, you know, we are the fourth largest state behind california, texas and new york. so, 18 million people and we
1:34 pm
care about what everybody cares about. you have to put america back to work. >> thank you so much, ayou can find the list of top history makers at the politico is arguing that there's five floridas. running right through the heart of the state, the politically crucial i-4 core toridcorridor. kate from "rock center" hit the interstate to see where it's so critical. >> at the classic car show you would be forgiven to think that this town is stuck in the past. don't be fooled. because come november, these folks may be the people with the keys to the future.
1:35 pm
and biggest issue they see? the economy. >> i do not think that president obama has given us any help. >> you are not giving him any slack? >> no. >> we met with chris and their wife jen and their neighbors. >> i'm probably going to vote for obama again. but he better get it in gear. >> deland is an exit and cuts through the center of familiar. this road may be the right to the white house. >> if you ignore the voters along that, you are in for a detour and it could send you to a dead end. >> that is because voters along the county in i-4 swing in the gentle breeze, back and forth between parties. >> nearly one four voters is
1:36 pm
register register independent. they really are the swing part of the state. >> and beyond tomorrow, florida voters have a big say in this election. the state now has two more elect oral votes than it did in the last presidential election. and that i-4 corridor has gone for the winner in six of the last set presidential elections. >> we now how important florida is and you got a sense of how independent they are. >> i was shocked. you have people that are really upset with the political process. and both sides, some obama votersing they don't know if they can vote for him and some are saying that they don't know who they can support. >> we will look forward to your report tonight. kate, thank you so much. do not miss kate's report
1:37 pm
tonight on "rock center." and mitt romney has been building a big lead but the long campaign has exposed potential weaknesses that the obama campaign will try to exploit if he is the nominee. so, fred, he met with both candidates but is a romney supporter. thank you for joining us today. there's a double digit lead that romney has open happed up. if this lead is real, is it over? gingrich said he take it all the way to the convention and he can. >> it highly not probably that anybody but mitt romney will be the nominee. ip thi i think we will have a convict have i tomorrow. then you have february coming up, with nevada, arizona and
1:38 pm
michigan, it should go to romney, it's hard to see how anybody else can sustain. it's over 90% that mitt romney will be the nominee. >> has this campaign opened up a lot of areas that the obama team has tried to exploit. his failure to produce the taxes, and some of his explanations, during the debate, talking about his blind trust and his trustee. language that doesn't resonate with the average voter especially with the unemployment rate up around 10%. >> everyone thought that romney had a glass jaw and he has proven that he has a steel jaw. he has come back strong. secondly, much better to get it out of the way now rather han the general election. by the time we get to the general election, maybe people will be focusing on the proven record of creating jobs and who
1:39 pm
knows the private sector and that will be mitt romney. that will be his argument. >> mitt romney did an interview on the plane and was asked about gingrich taking it all the way to the convention >> what do you think about gingrich and your other rivals saying they will continue it to the convention. >> that is usually the case if you think you are going to lose. >> is there a risk of over confidence here and also of the advisers taking too much credit. there was a lead in the "new york times" story, saying the strategists say they were getting him back on track. this is joe scarborough talking about what he thinks about that kind of mouthing off by campaign staff. >> just ask his advisers who are spilling their guts to front page of the new york times telling the world it was not the
1:40 pm
candidate that turned it around it was their brilliance. i find it to be one of the most fascinating articles that in the middle of the campaign you would have these people doing this. their two goals were one to make newt angry and to make mitt look tough. it worked well. but a week ago we were saying florida is a big state. >> what did you think when picked up your "new york times" yesterday? >> he did not have them around when he became governor and was a successful governor in massachusetts. everybody has something to add to a campaign but the candidate is the one that makes it work. mitt romney has been out there taking the punches, giving it back and he is the one that compiled a record of job creation. they can say what they want, he has turned it around and he is the one that will be the nominee and all credit to him. >> fred, thank you very much. and they make up almost half of
1:41 pm
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coming up on news nation shows romney with a double digit lead over gingrich. following developing medical news, the fda approved a drug that will treat the most common type of skin cancer and a college told dozens of students that they were accepted when they did not get in. they apologized but is that enough? today the u.s. issued the strongest statement yet regarding the escalating violence in syria, insisting that the president has lost control of his country and his paul is now inevitable. comes amid reports that tuanks
1:45 pm
are being used to crush the uprising. secretary clinton will condemn the violence in syria. -- think this could be a stalling tack ticket to soften economic sections. ali, joining me now, thanks so much, there's been a lot of promises from iran in the past and frankly a lot of skepticism in the west. you recently had an opportunity to go to the strait of hormuz and see the ship traffic how close it really is in terms of the narrowness of the strait and how easy it would be for iran to mine that area and to go after the global shipping and also the u.s. navy. >> that is right, andrea, iran has a very, very strong presence in the strait of hormuz, there's
1:46 pm
a lot of hardware down there. it's easy to close down, as you say, the question is, is iran willing to close down the strait? they are not willing to do it right now because there's still a lot to play for, but if they are squeezed into a corner and they cannot sell their oil abroad, they feel they have nothing to lose they will stop other people's exports if they cannot sell their own. definitely an option they are keeping on the table but not something that they want to implement right now. >> at the same time, the fifth fleet is out there and what you saw up close, extraordinary pictures of just what kind of power the u.s. has there. we have got two tankers there, two carries iercarriers. >> one of the people we spoke to said he had a cousin that had an opportunity to go to the waters and saw the fifth fleet and he
1:47 pm
said it was like a floating city that scared him half to death. the people that live by the strait of hormuz anervous. the people in the straits call this saber rattling and they are worried about the future. >> ali, thank you so much. a florida senior citizens are of course a critical voting block in the state. voters of a certain age come from all over the country but they have very similar concerns, nbc kerry sanders is in miami and met with a lot of florida senior citizens. you know the area so well, their issues are very clear. >> they are indeed and when you consider that there are four million registered republicans in the state and the subset of that group that is the most powerful voting block that no politician an would overlook and
1:48 pm
that is of course, as you said, senior citizens. >> there a >> reporter: there more seniors in this region, most are over the age of 55, half of all republicans tht sta s in the st. bonnie ray volunteers for the romney camp in south florida. >> they want to know who will turn the country around and that is what most of us have heard from the seniors. >> reporter: mike and jerry craig, both in their 70s and both gingrich supporters and both troubled by governor romney's massachusetts health program. >> gingrich will protect medicare and because of the massachusetts experience from romney he represents a threat to medicare. >> mitt romney would never, ever
1:49 pm
do anything that would be detrimental for seniors. >> reporter: in a survey 43% are concerned about the health care and others about the economy. the tough economy is making living herein ceasingly difficult. >> this month, everything that i have bought that goes up, nothing has stayed the same. >> it's going to be pivotal to win the senior vote. >> reporter: in the last republican primary in the state, 2008, a third of all votes cast in that primary came from voters squae sixty-five years or older. the most powerful voting block.
1:50 pm
>> a lot of them have voted already, voting early. thanks kerry sanders and what political story will be making headlines in the headlines in t4 hours? i think it's florida. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports." ce. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? joining us again, fred and chris. i want to talk about the dogs that haven't barked. why haven't marco rubio and jeb bush, why have that the that the endorsed. everyone has been trying to get jeb bush's endorsement. >> i think you have to take him at his word. i believe he admires mitt romney, but he feels very strongly this should be left up to the voters in florida. they're smart enough to make a
1:54 pm
decision and haven't introduced marco rubio at our leadership forum on friday. it's up to the voters. >> would either of them be a running mate? >> why not. they would be on my list. >> chris, when you look at the fact that jeb bush is the most sought after endorsement in florida, and he still is staying out of it, but very powerfully not endorsing. >> i would say, first of all, it's rare pleasure to be in a split screen with fred malek. here is what i think is important to watch. we know they're not endorsing. i think that's wreinteresting, marco rubio and jep bub bush endorse. then it's okay, you had a fair chance but not have the time to rally. do the big forces get behind him, him being romney, if he
1:55 pm
wins in the state and says it's time for this race to be over. it was fair shot. everybody had a chance and mitt ron it fair and square. >> thank you very much. thanks to both. we'll be here for the voting. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." form is the big vote. we'll countdown the florida vote. remember, follow the show online and on twitter at mitchell reports. hi, veronica. in our next hour, florida republican congressman will join me live. newt is trailing by double digits in florida. we'll get latest. investigators found a
1:56 pm
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